The BMW badge is arguably one of the most recognizable images in the world. It connotates speed, wealth, affluence, luxury, success, and a certain undefined quality – that BMWness. You’re either a member of the tribe or your not, but everyone knows the badge.

The amount of brand recognition, trust, love, and equity that BMW enjoys from their logo is immense. Interbrand (the company that measures these kinds of things) ranks BMW as the 11th biggest brand in the world and values the brand at over $41 billion. That’s a lot of brand goodness happening.

So, why would you mess with a good thing? Well, all things change and logos are definitely not immune.A lot of things are moving back to a ‘flat design’ aesthetic and away from the shiny 3d version we’ve become accustomed to.

The branding firm Under Consideration explores the reasons for the rebrand and the evolution of the BMW logo.

Under Consideration: Propelling Laterally

While it sounds like there were some decent reasons for the change, and regardless of your personal opinion (see the comments section in the above article), it’s a bold move by a storied company that will likely cause discussion for some time to come.

For a little more background, BMW has a really nice little page showing the progression and discussing the move.